Saturday, June 9, 2012

Toronto Sales Update and Forecast

We are rapidly moving to the half year for Toronto Real Estate, and I'd like to take a broader view of whats happening in our City. In downtown Toronto; the commercial sector, The Bank of Nova Scotia Tower sold for a record $ 1.27 Billion. This is the highest value for a Canadian office building and it was sold to Canadian Investors! 

That single sale is a statement about continued confidance about real estate in Canada and the bouyancy of the Canadian Market. The Value of High Rise office buildings and condominiums has been rizing equally because of the low interest rates and strength in the economy. We are seeing increased incidences of multiple offers across all product ranges. In the Toronto West and Etobicoke Region its not uncommon or rare to see a million dollar home in a multiple offer situation.

Last months sales activity was near 11,000 units, That's actually up 11% over last year, Our year over year increase in prices was an average of 5.6%. Loan Approvals are the lifeblood of real estate, From CMHC information that I have, Half of the loans in process, Are for renovation and improvement. We are repairing our houses to make sure we can live in them longer. 

With Condo Sales and Construction, it seems that there is actually a crane everywhere on Toronto's skyline, But they are also moving themselves a little further into the 905, down to Long Branch, off of Brown's Line, into Port Credit and into Oakville. 

Is there a possibility of a Price Adjustment? I can see that... 

Possibly for 2014, When the numbers of absorption cannot handle the number of units available for occupancy, Investors will be looking for tenants, and squeezed to take lower prices, both for rent and for purchase if they decide to sell the units. Detached houses on the other hand see people moving further, for house affordability, The Toronto Land Transfer Tax also plays a part of that purchase decision. 

There are great Mortgage Packages available this summer to move up buyers. If your mortgage is renewing give us a call, we'll see if we can get a better rate for you...  

The Banks won't phone and say   "Hey, we have a better price on this product!" 

For those people who are buying this summer.. There will be an increase in inventory during the summertime, as fewer shoppers are competing for product. This gives you chance to pick through to see whats available and hopefully get a better selection. Give me a call at 647 218 2414 to get started on your home purchase adventure.

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